Audience is media

About Mediance

Mediance stands for “Media” and “Audience”.
We named our company Mediance because audiences
now have the same effect that the media had.
Within 3 years, we were able to gather 27,759 influencers,
that has a total of 387,630,617 followers
and created 123,502,466 engagements with them.
We opened our branch in the Middle East
and actively expanding our services
in order to become a global company.

Our Services

Mediance is an innovative influencer marketing company
based on its self-developed platform. Through Mediance,
there’s no more need to search for influencers and negotiate
with anyone else. We compare influencers’ features and prices,
so you can choose the best influencers to promote your brand.
We also offer the best influencer marketing strategy
for your advertising budget.

For influencer

The platform is open for all influencers.
You can sign up for any campaigns you want to participate.
We believe that the best influencers are
the people who offer good contents.
We are also aware that your followers might not like sponsored contents
if it’s irrelevant to your usual posts.
So, that’s why you should get your sponsors through Mediance,
we will categorize your profile based on what you upload.
And on top of that, you can get exclusive benefits
like joining public events or receiving products
and services like fashion, beauty, performances,
and many more!

For Brand

Our goal is to create strong and impactful campaigns
for your brand. We believe influencer marketing
is the easiest way to gain trust from your audiences.
But the biggest drawback is that it’s difficult
to pull it off properly. After managing over 3,000 campaigns,
we developed our own methods to find the best influencers for you.
So, if you let us find the right influencers,
influencer marketing becomes very easy and effective
that you will never think to use traditional marketing again.

Our strength

There are a lot of influencers with fake followers,
and if they promote your brand, it won’t be as effective
as using people with real followers. So, we developed
our own method to filter them out with an Ad Tech.
After filtering them out, we have staffs that check
the influencers’ contents and classify them based on their contents.
That way, we have a better understanding of what their followers want
and find the perfect match to promote your brand.


In marketing, it’s very important to know how your ad is performing.
But, looking at all those numbers and graphs can be tiring.
So, the format of our report is easy
to read while being accurate and detailed.
In the report, you can see information like the time content was posted,
how many followers reacted to it, what kind of comments they left,
and the size of the engagements it received.
To ensure the results you’re getting aren’t outdated,
we also made it easy for you
to update the information you’re getting.

Our vision

Within 3 years after opening,
we have proven to be the best influencer marketer in Korea.
But, that’s not enough, we want to be the best in the world.
We are aware that many marketers think we are their competitors.
However, that’s far from the truth, we see them as partners
who can benefit by using our platform.
We are very confident that our platform can take
their business to the next level.
and success of the field. We are very confident
that our platform can take their business to the next level.
That is how we were able to succeed in Korea and
we plan to do no different in Egypt and the whole Middle East.

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