Frequently asked questions and answers about MEDIANCE

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I want to cancel Campaign before it is approved

If you would like to cancel your apply for Campaign before it is approved, please leave comment on 1: 1 contact.

If you cancel the Campaign after approved by Advertiser, your participation in future Campaign will be limited.

I registered Instagram account incorrectly.

In case of Instagram account which is linked to the E-mail address, Re-register can be completed after the administrator delete the account.

If you registered incorrectly and would like to change, please contact with 1:1 contact.

After deleting the channel, please Log in and then Click "MY STATION" category to register your new channel.

Register on : www.http://en.mediance.com/mystation

How can I see Blind Campaign?

Blind campaigns are only available to those who have required number of followers.

Some campaigns may not appear due to their required maximum number of followers.
(e.g. Campaign is available only to those who have number of followers between 10K-30K)

If you cannot able to see campaign, even if you meet the required number of followers, please contact us through 1:1 contact

How do I update my followers?

Follower number Updating System on Mediance platform is not Live-updating System and Follower number will be updated only once a day .

Is it necessary to register bank account and ID card information as my personal information?

If you want to be paid by V Point, you must fill in those required information.

Cash refunds will be made to the bank account, and Influencers shall be deemed as personal income earners in Mediance platform.

So Mediance declares all income amount which occur in the process of converting V Point to cash for Withholding tax collection.

Mediance inevitably require whom would be rewarded by V Point to register the ID card information, as personal information are necessarily needed in the process.

Mediance are committed to protect your personal information.
Also based on Personal Information Protection Policy, Minimum extent of personal Information shall be collected for service usage and identifying user.

Information of bank account & ID card are not necessarily required to whom does not want to run campaign.

As a private Member, how can I register for an additional SNS account?

Private Member can use only one channel with one regular account according to Mediance policy.

So, please register your most frequently used SNS account.

If you would like to add more account, you shall sign up Mediance with new E-mail address.

How do I become a Partner Member?

Partner member refers an MCN Company to which number of creators/influencers belong.

If private Influencer Member would like to change to a Partner Member, the private Member shall contact with 1:1 contact, and could belong to the MCN Company.

In regard of the MCN Company selection process, the private Member can select one with recommendation of Mediance.

Once the MCN company is selected, the Member could run campaign with instruction of person in Company who in charge of.

After the Member belong to the MCN Company, all matters can be discussed with the responsible of Company.

What should I do to become a VIP Member?

VIP Members refers regular Member who has lots of Campaign history.

Mediance gives 'Activity Index' score to private Influencer Members, and when the accumulated score reaches 1,000 points, Member's rank will be upgraded to a VIP.

Once Member's grade is upgraded to a VIP, Member will get an additional 3% bonus payment than normal amount per post.

Unfortunately, we had to Minimize the Membership Grading System and components of Reward, as we are working on Service to provide improved service.

Our Service be more upgraded soon and we will provide more diversified and improved Grading and Reward systems for our users.

What is required to sign up for Mediance as Influencer Member?

Anyone who has Instagram or Facebook account can join Mediance.

You can sign up by one e-mail account which shall be connected to only one Instagram or Facebook account.

What is Mediance Membership system?

Mediance Influencer members are categorized either "private Member" or "partner Member"

private Member refers Individual Influencer who signs up for Mediance with one regular SNS channel.

partner Member refers an MCN Company with number of Influencers, thus, this type of member can register multiple SNS Channels.

I changed Instagram account !

Once Member changes Instagram account, the Instagram account on Mediance platform will be automatically changed in 24 hours.

So, Member do not have to respectively require for changing Instagram account on Mediance platform.

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