Frequently asked questions and answers about MEDIANCE

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Blind campaign doesn't appear even if I have many number of followers!

Blind Campaigns are only available to those who have required number of followers. Some Campaigns may not appear because they have required maximum number of followers as well.

e.g. "Only those whom have 10K-30K followers are available to run Campaign"
In this case you can not see the Blind Campaign if you have more than 30K followers.

Though you have required number of followers If you cannot see contents of the Blind Campaign, kindly ask, contact us through 1:1 contact.

Why does Tracking Error message appear?

Tracking Errors occur when you make Instagram account to "private" account while Campaign is in progress.

You must keep your account as"Public" account while you're running the Campaign.

How long do I have to keep post?

Campaign Post must be kept for a Month (30 days).

And if there is any breach of the agreement, your participation in future campaigns will be limited.

If it is deemed that Post has been deleted as an unavoidable circumstance, re-posting may be adjusted.

When can I know Campaign Approval after applying for Campaign?

Regarding Campaign approval process, we will get back to you within 48 hours according to our policy.

If there are some delays depending on some campaigns, We will notice in advance about delays.

We will inform via E-mail or SMS (only for those who have entered) whether approved or not.

Is there any requirement to apply for a Campaign?

There's no any physical restrictions to apply for a Campaign.

At least, if you would like to be in advantageous position when Advertisers select your channel, It can be better to bid with a reasonable amount based on FAN of SNS Account.

When you applying for the Campaign, it may be helpful to refer to 'Post Amount Helpers' category, then you may know approximate FAN and price information of other channels.

In Addition, in case if contents type on your SNS account are similar to advertised contents, you might be in good condition to be selected with higher bid amount.

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