Frequently asked questions and answers about MEDIANCE

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When the payment will be made in Bank account after applying for Cash In Service?

Regarding Cash In service applied until Sunday,
It will be processed in turn after 17:00 pm Every Wednesday of next week
The payment will be made by the name of "Corporation : Mediance"

Can I earn rewards if I participate in several Campaigns more often?

Yes, You will earn Activity Points after participating in Campaign.
The Activity Points is accumulated as you participate in Campaigns more and more.

More the Activity Points have increased, your account has more possibility to meet the requirement for VIP Membership. Then You will be upgraded as 'VIP' Member and you will get additional V POINT.

currently Mediance is working on Policies & Reward systems to provide improved Service.

Is there any Point Shop that I could use V Point?

Unfortunately, we are not determined to establish Point Shop.
We shall consider further about that matter.

Does V Point have Expiration date?

Yes, V Point has Expiration date.
So, it would be better to convert V Point into cash in advance.

What is V Point? And how can I convert V Point into cash?

V Point refers reward points in Mediance platform, and 1 V Point is equal to 1 EGP.
( 1 V Point = 1 EGP)
If you request for converting accumulated V Point into cash, the payment will be processed on every Wednesday.
And you will receive money through your registered bank account after deducting 3% of withholding tax.

When can I get V Point after running Campaign?

In Mediance system, you will be automatically rewarded by V Point once you publish/register the post after campaign is approved.
However you won't be rewarded, if applicable to Cases below

- If you delete campaign post before a Month (30 days)

- If you don't respond to advertise's requesting for Post-editing

- If you make your SNS account Private within Ad campaign duration

Please be informed of our updated operating instructions to avoid any disadvantages :)

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