※ Article 1 (Purpose)
1-1. This Agreement stipulates the rights and obligations of "Company" and "Member" in using MEDIANCE online service (hereinafter referred to as "Service") provided by MEDIANCE CORPORATION. Purpose.
※ Article 2 (Terms)
2-1. "Mediance" means that when an "Advertiser" requests an advertisement for a "Company", a "Channel Operator" contracted in advance with a "Company" create it content and post it it on "Social Media" Advertising services and is compensated.
2-2. "Advertiser" means a customer who has entered into a contract with the Company in accordance with the Terms of Service and who makes an ad request and pays the bill using the Service provided by the Company.
2-3. Channel Operator "means a user who concludes a usage contract with" Company "in accordance with the" Terms of Use "Ads requested by "Advertiser" using "Service" to "Company" on "Personal Social Media"; Refers to a customer who is promoting and earning revenue for a given amount of money per post. To help understand "advertisers" and "channel operators," we refer to "Channel Operators" as "Influencers" within "Services."
2-4. "Personal social media" refers to social media services that will expose advertisements requested by advertisers. The social media handled by this service are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media may be added or excluded.
2-5. A "campaign" is an overall activity in which an "advertiser" requests an ad and a "channel operator" participates in an ad by creating content and posting it.
2-6. "Post" refers to the content that the "Channel Operator" has registered to advertise according to requirement made by advertisers.
2-7. "Members" collectively refers to "Advertisers" and "Channel Operators" who access the Services and enter into contracts for the use of service provided by the Company in accordance with the Terms of use.
2-8. "Operator" means a person designated by "Company" for overall management and smooth operation of "Service".
2-9. "Advertiser Center" means an Admin site provided by "Company" for "Advertiser" to do "Campaign" related task such as applying, implementation, managing, cancellation or etc.
2-10. An "Advertiser Account" is a Admin account of the "Advertiser Center" that is provided for each "Advertiser" for the "Advertiser" identification and "Service" management.
2-11. An "advertising budget" is an amount that an advertiser pays a certain amount of cash Admin account of a "service" for the purpose of advertising, and then charges and uses that amount in the "service".
2-12. "V-Point" is a cyber-money reward that is paid by "Advertiser" to the "Channel Operator" who has promoted required content through the "Service" of the "Company"
2-13. "CASH IN" refers payment processing to the Personal bank account of "Channel Operator"' after converting V POINT into the cash
※ Article 3 (Publication of the Terms and Amendment)
3-1. "Company" shall publish the contents of this Agreement through the "Service" initial page or connected page so that the user can easily understand.
3-2. "Company" shall not breach the relevant laws such Regulation of Adhesion Contract Act, Framework act on electronic Documents and Transactions, Electronic Signatures law, the act on promotion of information and communication network utilization and information protection, etc. and may amend these Terms to the extent that they do not unduly infringe on the rights of members.
3-3. "Company" shall, when revising the "Terms and Conditions" specify the revised contents and the effective date, and notify seven (7) days before Service Effective Date. Exceptionally, we notice 30 days before the Service Effective Date only when the revised terms have unfavorable effects on customers.
3-4. If the "Company" has notified you in accordance with Article 11 but the Member has not expressly expressed his intention to deny, the Member shall be deemed to have agreed to the amendment.
3-5. The member shall be deemed to have agreed to the Revision of the Terms, unless you expressely refuse the revision eventhough "Company" has already noticed it.
※ Article 4 (Unstipulated Terms & Conditions)
4-1. Regarding Unstipulated cases, we take steps to comply with relevant laws & regulations, Specific Company policies for service usage and detailed usage guidelines and rules.
※ Article 5 (Membership Registration Process for "Channel Operator")
5-1. "Channel Operator" Member agrees to the terms provided by "Company", and then to apply for Membership registration you have to fill out required application form. And then you shall be provided our service through Email verification whether email address exists or not.
5-2. Account registred using someone else's name illegally will be deleted and shall be penalized by the relevant laws and regulations.
※ Article 6 (Becoming an Advertiser Member)
6-1. An "Advertiser Member" can use the service after receiving an "Advertiser Account" in connection with our management team through the advertiser application page within "Service".
※ Article 7 (Member Account Management)
7-1. The responsibility for the management of "Membership" "ID" and "Password" belongs to "Member" and should not be used by a third party.
7-2. "Member" shall immediately notify the "Company" and shall follow the instructions of the "Company" if it if you find out your password has been stolen or used by third party.
7-3. "Member" shell login in "Service" menu then edit information, once "Member" edits Personal information submitted to the Company at the time of Membership Registering Process. In case "Member" could not manage Personal information editing as mentioned above, "Member" shall notify the editing to the "Company" through the Customer Center.
7-4. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage caused Regarding Article 2 and Article 3, "Company" shall not be liable for any disadvantage caused by neglection of duty to notify, or non-compliance with company instructions even if "Member" notifies company of the editing.
※ Article 8 (termination of service contract and withdrawal of membership)
8-1."Member" has right to terminate at any time by asking "Company" or directly accessing "Service", and "Company" shall deal with it promptly as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations. Exceptionally, the contract will be terminated upon completion of the settlement all the procedures in compliance with the specific "Company" policies, if there remains any unpaid advertising costs, unpaid refunds, remaining points, or unpaid earnings at the time of request for the termination.
8-2. Regarding withdrawl of "Advertiser" membership, Advertiser information can be deleted by making request to "Company".
8-3. Regarding withdrawl of "Channel Operator" membership, the withdrawal request is processed by making request to "Company"or directly processed.
8-4. According to the "Terms", "Member" can be restricted in Re-Registration whose contract has been terminated directly or who withdraw membership during restricted access period.
※ Article 9 (Use of Services)
9-1. "Service" is promptly provided once you register for membership and "Service" is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Exceptionally, Service operated by manager or required Bank Processing is provided during weekdays only.
9-2. Service Hours : Sunday - Friday: 09:00 - 17:00 (excluding weekends / holidays)
※ Article 10 (Service change and suspension)
10-1. "Company" may change service after notification Members of changed service contents and the effective date and change the service. The Notification Period will follow Article 3 (3).
10-2. "Company" may restrict or suspend All or a part of the service for each of the cases listed below.
  • 10-2-a. Unavoidable Circumstances such as maintenance works or Facilities expansion to provide the best quality services.
  • 10-2-b. Service suspension is inevitable due to Uncontrollable factors.
  • 10-2-c. Connection to the server is interrupted by heavy network traffic
  • 10-2-d. Unforeseen events such like blackout, unforeseen circumstances, national emergency.
※ Article 11 (Establishment of User Agreement with Advertiser)
11-1. Service Contracts is made when the "Advertiser" requests the Company of Posting Ads, and when the request is approved by the Company. Regarding Service request process, once Advertiser requests "Company" of Advertisement through "Advertiser Center", "Company" verifies it and then notices "Advertiser" of Acceptance.
11-2. "Advertiser" must apply for "Services" through required forms and procedures by "Company". "Company" has the authority to decide whether approve Advertiser's Request or not and may request editing of contents asked by Advertiser in accordance with the relevant law and the "Company" policies.
11-3. If the "Advertiser" does not accept the request "Advertiser" may request refund of paid service charges, in case "Advertiser" doesn't want to accept "Company"'s request for contents editing, or in case "Company" doesn't approve service provision without any reasons for Imputation.
11-4. While using the "Service" with the approval of the "Company", if there is any change of approved original contents as "Advertiser" changes his/her mind , It should be confirmed by "Company", and "Advertiser" is responsible for disadvantage caused by the rechecking process for confirmation.
11-5. "Company" can withdraw Approvoal of "Advertiser" 's Ad Posting at any time, once "Company" identifies breach of "Company" 's policies or illegal contents.
※ Article 12 (Establishment of User Agreement with "Channel Operator")
12-1. According to "Company" 's own procedures , the Service Contracts of "Channel Operator" is established once "Channel Operator" agrees with the terms and conditions and registers required information.
12-2. As stipulated in Clause 1 of Article 12, "Company" may terminate the Service Contracts with member who is relevant to the subclauses below.
  • 12-2-a. If the applicant doesn't uses his/her real name, or uses someone else's name or SNS without consent account
  • 12-2-b. False information is provided, or Contents required by company are not listed.
  • 12-2-c. If you apply for reuse within one month after the termination of the Service Contracts for abuse.
  • 12-2-d. In case If application is verified as breach of the policies or as illegal, or "Company" can not approve it for member's liability of this agreement, illegal or unauthorized use, or if the company can not approve due to the reason.
※ Article 13 (Notice to Members)
13-1.Company use "Member"s email address, mobile phone, or etc which were provided at the time of Membership registration.
13-2. If there is Notice to all Members, "Company" may substitue the Previous Notice by posting it on "Service" board more than 7 days. If contents of Notice has siginificant impact on Service use, it will be informed in the way as stipulated in Clause 1 of Article 13.
13-3. "Company" is not liable for any problem caused by incorrect e-mail address or (mobile) phone number provided to "Company", or caused by inattention to the Notice, even if "Company" infromed it in compliance with Clause 1 and Clause 2 of Article 13.
※ Article 14 (Campaign Management)
14-1. "Advertiser Member" can apply for "Campaign" by registering required information at "Service" for advertisement. "Campaign" will be posted in "Service" after "Company" assesses it whether it is appropriate or not in compliance with "Company"'s own policy.
14-2. When a "Campaign" is published, the "Company" must inform all of the prerequisites and qualifications for participation in the "Campaign" and "Company" is required to support Campaign process as best as possible, such like regarding Selection of the Applicants to the Campaign, Ad quality improvement or etc for better results.
14-3. The following cases are deemed inappropriate according to Clause 1 of Article 14.
  • 14-3-a. If it is objectively considered as being involved with a crime
  • 14-3-b. Infringes upon the rights, honor, credit or other legitimate interests of others;
  • 14-3-c. Including VIRUS CODES or data that may cause malfunction of Information and Communication Technology Equipment
  • 14-3-d. If you violate public order or morals
  • 14-3-e. If it is interrupt smooth progress the smooth progress of the services provided by the Company
  • 14-3-f. If it is condsidered as breach of Company's policies or relevant laws
※ Article 15 (Post Management)
15-1. Selected "Channel Operator" in the "Campaign" is only eligible to publish "Post", It should be It should be displayed to all members. However, if the published "Post" or Added comment is considered as inappropriacte to display, "Advertiser" may entrust to "Company" and may request "Channel Operator" to delete or edit post.
15-2.  "Channel Operator" can't not delete "Post", can't make it private without "Advertiser" permission or "Company", and if it was inevitable to delete "Post" or to make it private , "Channel Operator" shall notify the Company of the reason and exact time for processing.
15-3. "Company" may reposess what provided by "Advertiser" or any paid compensation.
15-4. The "Company" may request "Post" deletion or editing according to the following contents, in which case the "Channel Operator" shall respond to the request of the "Company" upon receiving the request.
  • 15-4-a. Failure to follow the Post Guide
  • 15-4-b. Acts such as insulting others, libeling, damaging credit, etc. through post
  • 15-4-c. If the content of the post differs significantly from the actual product or service
※ Article 16 (Copyright Policy)
16-1. Member using the service provided by "Company"  has the responsibility for the contents created by the him/herself, and the member himself bear all civil and criminal liability including copyright infringement.
16-2. "Post" made by participating in the campaign of "Company" means that if "Company" has paid compensation or made a promise to pay it, You can use or share. However, In case you don't want it,  you shallcancel your campaign application, or return any compensation you've been paid after running campaign.
16-3. "Company" shall have the right to use the member's "Post", and the right to post on the service. However, we do not post any personal information or information that may expose members' personal information.
※ Article 17 (Payment of cases)
17-1. "Company" can pay V Point or promotion goods, or both for the compensation of participation for campaigns. V Point can be encashed by cash in request.
17-2. 1 V Point is equal to 1 EGP.( 1V Point = 1 EGP). The minimum amount of cash in request is 100 V Point.
17-3. V Point will be given to "Channel Operator" after 30 days once the "Post" has been approved by the final advertiser after posting the "Post".
17-4. When requested cash in, "Company" collects the requests for a week and pay on Wednesday.
17-5. In case of not being able to be paid V Point for "Channel Operator's" fault, "Company" is not liable for the responsibility.
17-6. If deemed V Point payment is omitted attributable to "Company", can be reward for the omitted amount.
※ Article 18 (Fees)
18-1. As a general rule, all fees and taxes occurred when doing cash in from the V-point, compensation for utilizing the service, borne by the "Channel Operator".
18-2. The compensation given to "Channel Operator" by "Company", is defined subject to withholding tax. The tax charged as withholding tax would be 3% of cash in request according to tax law.
18-3. The maximum term of deposit shall be 2 weeks from the cash in request of "Channel Operator".
18-4. All sorts of costs occurred by Member's mistake shall be borne by Member.
※ Article 19 (Obligations of the Company)
19-1. "Company" strives to comply with relevant laws and the "Terms" and to provide the "Service" continuously and stably.
19-2. "Company" shall deal with any opinions or complaints raised by "Advertiser" and "Channel Operator" in connection with the use of the "Service" if such action is deemed just.
19-3. "Company" establishes security system for protection of members' personal information and safe service, announces and observes the privacy policy.
19-4. "Company" may temporarily suspend the provision of service due to inspections, replacements, server fails or rational reasons on management and is not liable for the loss caused by discontinuity based on this Term.
※ Article 20 (Membership Obligations)
20-1. The member shall follow related laws, regulation of this term, usage guidance and notifications of the "Company", and shall not commit actions that interfere "Company's" business.
20-2. Following are the inappropriate actions that "Company" prohibits.
  • 20-2-a. Entering false or others' information when joining or changing "Member" information.
  • 20-2-b. Violating copyright or intellectual property rights of "Company" or third party.
  • 20-2-c. Actions that ruin reputation or interfere work of "Company" or third party.
  • 20-2-d. Posting or sending e-mails using others' name.
  • 20-2-e. Modifying "Service" information posted by "Company". Copying, publishing, broadcasting informations you got from using "Service" without prior approval or providing it to third party.
  • 20-2-f. Causing loss to "Advertiser" or benefiting yourself or thrid party by posting Ad, or promoting it by dishonest means.
  • 20-2-g. All dishonest or inappropriate means to make profit.
  • 20-2-h. Dealing, transferring, resaling account or using it for the purpose of the right of pledge.
  • 20-2-i. Sharing, providing, transferring, intermediating, resaling the authority to use "Service".
  • 20-2-j. "Member" intentionally causing loss to "Advertiser" or "Company" by choosing means not on contract for dishonest profit.
  • 20-2-k. Any actions against "Service" management policy.
※ Article 21 (Compensation for Damages)
21.1 "Company" compensates "Member" when loss is caused by "Company" intentionally or negligently while using service according to the laws.
21-2. "Member" shall compensate if loss is caused by violating The Terms or related laws to "Company".
21-3. When third party takes legal action against "Company" in connection with "Member's" violation of this term or related laws, "Member" shall protect, defend, indemnify and hold "B" free and harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, penalties, costs, liens, demands, legal suits and causes of action of every kind.
※ Article 22 (Exemption from liability)
22-1. "Company" is not liable for the provision of the service in act of God situation.
22-2. "Company" is not liable for the loss caused by key telecommunications service provider's stopping service or not providing the service properly.
22-3. "Company" is not liable for Member's not reaching the expected profit from the service or loss cause by Member's choice.
22-4. "Company" is not liable for the loss caused from the data Member obtained using the service. Also, the "Company" is not liable for the psychological damage of a Member caused by another Member.
22-5. "Company" is not liable for loss caused inavoidably by repair, replacement, routine inspection, construction.
22-6. "Company" is not liable for difficulty in usage of the service for the cause attributable to "Member".
22-7. "Company" is not liable for the reliability and accuracy of the information Member entered on the system.
※ Article 23 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)
23-1. In case of a dispute between "Company" and "Member", we file a complaint with the competent court under the Civil Prodedure Act.
23-2. Lawsuits filed between "Company" and "Member" shall be governed by Egyptian law.
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