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We Recommend this IF YOU:

  • want branding ads through Instagram
  • plan to launch your new product with online seeding
  • want to increase your brand awareness in social media with positive reviews
  • want to invite popular influencers to the event you planned
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Influencers Management

Total Influencers

Total Followers


Bidding Management

You no longer need to look for influencers or negotiate with them.

With our platform, you can compare the quality and the posting rates of various influencers through our campaign recruitment system.
This will allow you to choose the influencer with the best results to represent your brand.

Monitor your campaigns in real time

You can monitor your campaign progress with a single glance.
Also, the data are updated every 3 hours, so you don’t have to collect campaign progress and influencers’ performance all by yourself.

Easy to read accurate reports & Easy to compare results

You can download campaign results in a report format and compare your campaign performance with other campaigns.

What is Mediance Video (MV) and why should you use it?

  • The fastest way to broadcast your branded videos online is through our service called Mediance Video
  • We have the largest network on Facebook (800 cumulative Powerpages)
  • We guarantee a reliable performance
  • Real-time data analysis with our Ad-tracking system

We guarantee that our videoswill have a positive outcome

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Use The Most Powerful Network

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    800 most influential facebook pages in Korea

    More than 800
    PowerPage Networks
    in Korea

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    With 150,000,000
    cumulative subscribers

    Cover most of domestic Facebook users

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    Beauty / Fashion / Food /
    Living / Game / Enter/ etc.

    Supports for all categories

KPI Guarantee


We guarantee the minimum number of views for your Mediance Video.
You can even use your MV in other media and still keep track of your campaign KPI.

Timeline Spreading


Timeline spreading is our marketing strategy that uses multiple power pages to upload your video at different times to make your video go viral in
a short period of time.

Unlike traditional ads, Mediance videos are exposed to subscribers' timelines for a long time,
Since the power pages will upload your video at different times, People will think that your video is going viral instead of being paid to upload.
That way, people will accept your ad and it will be more effective than regular paid ads.

Targeting & Matching


Social media marketing is more effective than traditional marketing strategies because you can target the audience.
So instead of making all the Power pages to upload your video,
we will only select a number of pages to upload your video.
These pages will have followers that are interested in your product. Based on your Product and budget,
we will select the best pages to upload your video.

Engagement Flow

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When power pages upload a video, the same video will get more engagement and watch-time.

Insight Analytics System


Within Our platform, you can monitor the real-time performance of your campaign from start to end.
You can easily change the settings to view key metrics such as Impression, views, user response rates, and cost effectiveness for each page.

Do you want to influence people’s mind
to buy your product with our Branded Film?

  • We have the biggest creator network in Korea to produce your branded film.
  • A mind blowing low cost of production, Branded Film could go as cheap as 13% of a TV commercial production cost.
  • Having 96% of people remember our film and with 34% conversion rate, our Branded Film will influencer your audience.
Make your own Branded Film Now!

3 Formats for Medaince Branded Film

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    1. Alliance with Existing Web Drama

    Branded Film production using a popular web drama on air

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    2. Music Composition + Music Video Format

    Compose music and created a music video based on your brand

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    3. Brand Based Story

    Produce a video with an original story based on your brand message

Korea’s largest Creators network

Branded Film can be produced in different formats such as a web-drama that is popular to millennials, creative and catchy music, or a music video. We can guarantee a great quality film with a starting price of $5000 USD.

  • playlist
  • why not
  • 72s
  • selfy
  • page name on face book called reel
  • Mustache Films page
  • Ian Productions page

Low cost of % compared to TV commercial


Increase your brand awareness and conversion rate

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