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Campaign Payment


From now on any Bank Transfer or Fawry will be on Wednesday as Recorded on Mediance website & the only exception is for urgent payment.

Bank Transfer Mandatory Data: (Bank Account Details) From the nearest bank branch , website or internet banking.

1. The full name of the beneficiary(It should be the same as recorded in the beneficiary bank )
2. The beneficiary account number/IBAN (It should be Same as account structure in beneficiary bank)

* If the influencer will not provide his /her individual Account Information & will provide another Information he/her must mention that
* If the Influencer don`t provide his/her information from bank he/she can come to Mediance office to get the money
* Any wrong Information from the beneficiary the charges of refund will be deducted from his/her payment!

For steps on obtaining your IBAN,You can visit the nearest bank branch or call service center for IBAN which will be available via E-statements on internet banking. Mediance Team

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