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Restrictions on No-show Instagram users


Dear our Mediance Influencers,

It is with regret that we inform our policy regarding No-show at Campaign.
You will possibly be aware that No-show generally refers to not show up in place or to not keep the promise after the reservation or appointment is made.

There have been many No-show cases while Mediance runs several campaigns, but Mediance has not take any action for that cases.

There constantly have been cases taking advantage of the situation deliberately despite of our effort to contact with sincere message requesting a favor. For that reason, Advertisers" complaints have continued to increase for No-show.

To reserve rights of Advertisers and Mediance we will exclude No-show Influencers from Mediance system, so that they are unable to be selected by Advertisers in all kinds of Future campaigns.

Those who applicable for any case below is deemed as No-show Influencers

1) In case, Post is not registered in Ad campaign duration, even after the channel is selected

2) In case, Tracking is unavailable due to such reasons as deleting post before required duration is done, or switching to a private account, etc.

3) In case of no respond to request for Post-editing which caused by different posting style from required advertising guidelines

4) In case, campaign has not proceeded properly due to no answer on Mediance respondents contact or delayed feedback

5) In case of no answer to any call(or text) once receiving product after being selected in product sponsorship campaigns

Those who have any of the above cases in the past, or Those who cause such cases from now on will be excluded from our system, so that they couldn't be selected by advertiser in all kinds of future campaigns, thank you in advance for your comprehension.

Particularly, in regard of No-show cases which cause serious effects, we will take legal action after consultation with advertiser, not only the mentioned restriction above.

However, if No-show case is caused by unavoidable circumstances such as illness, one"s death, delivery, Overseas business trip or etc, it will be deemed as exception.

So, do not hesitate to contact us in advance through any means you prefer (E-mail, SMS, Telephone, etc.) whether after No-show case has already happened. Then we will handle the matter so that you will not have any disadvantage in future selection process.

Thank you

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