Frequently asked questions and answers about MEDIANCE

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How do I register for a copy of my ID / bankbook?

You can simply upload it on PC by following the step

1) Log in to Mediance
2) Click "MYSTATION" > "Apply for Cash In" > "Register Bank account"

You can proceed with link below.


For applying for Cash In Service, ID card / Copy of bank account should be uploaded and then approval has to be made as well.

After all the procedures above are processed, You will be paid in cash.

How are campaigns categorized? What kind of products or service are most commonly advertised?

Campaigns can be categorized into several types such as
Content viral, Visit PR/ Manual Review, Promote Product/Shot, Encourage App downloads, Viral events with Prize, Creator competition, etc.
Several Campaigns are progressing with Various Brands under different Life-style categories, like Beauty/ Fashion/ Food&Beverage/ Concert which are suitable contents for Instagram.

What does "Mediance" mean?

"Mediance" is formed by combining two different terms " Media + Audience".
It refers all of our Influencer users who play significant role in the social media era.

And "Mediance" is Influencer marketing platform in which Influencers can get rewarded by Advertisers for posting required contents.

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